Mister Fairbanks Street Leather Bracelet Jax I

"My dream is to be able to produce great work,
just as quickly as I can think of it.

I want my love for fashion-hardware to be a staple in your style. So, no matter how you define your style, you'll have it.
Cultivated style, however, comes from a special place. Therefore, my designs should tell everyone you're not afraid to be BOLD."


1: the quality or state of being addicted
addiction to Art & Design

: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming behaviors (such as shopping, or collecting) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal

 : persistent compulsive use of products 
known by the user to be unique and of quality.


There is a phrase people often use to describe an unexpected exception, "Diamond in the rough".  Therefore, exceptional is exactly Mister Fairbanks.       Born in the heartland of America, one would think his surname would regale us with images of high society. Throw in a salutation like, "Mister" and you have yourself a brand.  Mister Fairbanks is anything but a high society elitist.  His aesthetic is the people and his image is the art.  Among his peers, he has another exception; he was never formally trained in the world of fashion.  Meanwhile Mister Fairbanks has caught the attention from buyers of several well established department stores, but it was the keen sense of craftsmanship that led to his decision to hold off entering the market until his designs were perfected. There are things that cannot be taught in a classroom and for Mister Fairbanks' wrist-wear, his designs resemble that very sentiment.  Like many of the best, passion comes first.  Growing up with a family of fabric collectors and sewers inspired his ability to organically create his own designs. While in his adult life, living in various cities helped bring the brand to life.  Mister Fairbanks wants everyone to know that he believes anyone with the passion and boldness in life will fit well with his designs.  Made for those who are going places and designed for those who never forget where they came from. 
  A true exception."